Wedding Photography Venues

Wedding Photography Venues

In recent years, we have been fortunate to capture exquisite images at beautiful wedding venues throughout Europe. First of all our creative, story-telling style approach and meticulous attention to detail have won us the friendship of many clients while delivering some stunningly original photographs. From our home base in Paphos, we also provide wedding photography both in Cyprus and abroad. In many ways, you could say we are destination photographers at heart, as a result, we would like to share our most cherished places to get married. In conclusion, ee hope you are inspired by these gorgeous, unique, and quirky locations.

Cyprus Wedding Photography Venues

Myself and my partner Aimie loved Cyprus so much we made it our home! For weddings, it is a truly fantastic place. Vine-covered terraces, delicious home-made food, and quality local wines give Cyprus a character all of its own. Open air ceremonies with views of the Mediterranean sea, produce some awe-inspiring photographs.

Ibiza Wedding Photography Venues

The White Isle is another fantastic location for your big day. Imagine saying your vows on the beach, or in the heart of a national park – Ibiza’s wealth of natural beauty makes it all possible. The relaxed Balearic ambience is evident throughout the island’s culture, lending itself well to unforgettable, joy-filled occasions, and stunning wedding photography.

Italy Wedding Photography Venues

To describe an Italian wedding venue is first of all to describe elegance. Think impressive buildings, with immaculately presented employees, and exquisitely maintained gardens. Furthermore, the quality of food is a constant feature in many of the Italian wedding photographs I have captured. If you adore the finer things in life, I cannot think of a better location.

France Wedding Photography Venues

First of all, to describe a French wedding venue is to describe rustic, uncomplicated charm. Think impressive vineyards, rolling green hills, and exquisite wine. Furthermore, the simple elegance is also a constant feature in many of the French wedding photographs I have captured. If you adore all this, I cannot think more suitable country for your wedding photography.

Edinburgh Wedding Photography Venues

As wedding photographers, the historic city of Edinburgh always produces evocative images, thanks to its eclectic mix of fascinating buildings and exposed coastal location. They combine to create photographs with a depth of character that is hard to achieve anywhere else. For images that tell a story all of their own, choose Edinburgh.

Surrey and Hampshire Wedding Photography Venues

Most of all England is the official home of the ‘white wedding’, and for some people, arriving at an English church in a horse and carriage is part of their emotional journey. Finally, although we have travelled the World as wedding photographers, our hearts always lies in the home counties. Surrey in particular, with its lush green fields and enviable history, makes a gorgeous location for a traditional English ceremony.