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Ibiza Island is one of the top wedding destinations in the world. Visitors to this island get to enjoy some of the best sceneries, hotels and food. Things which anybody would like their wedding to have. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, it is one place that requires the Best Ibiza Wedding Photographers – Destination Wedding Photographers to capture the incredible scenes on your big day. We are Beziiqué a photography service that believes in providing fantastic wedding photos.

Nick & Aimie are your photographers to ensure you get the best pieces of wedding photography art along with unforgettable experiences, the result being value for your money. Our gallery is full of photos that tell stories, bring out personalities and capture the best emotions. By choosing Ibiza as your wedding destination, you won’t need further convincing that you made the right choice. This article gives you five benefits of choosing Ibiza Island as your wedding destination.

Unique and Beautiful Island

One reason which makes us the Best Ibiza Wedding Photographers – Destination Wedding Photographers is that we ensure you get the best photos of this unique and beautiful place. Ibiza beaches have been ranked as among the best in the world. For example, the breathtaking blue waters and pine-filed peaks mean that this place is the top destination for your wedding. You can choose to enjoy the best of Ibiza town during the night or drive along its sleepy villages as you enjoy your honeymoon. Other attractions on the island include the world famous superclubs. Famous Dj’s playing every night or simply walk around the marina and take in the mega yachts and soak up the sunshine.

The Best Destination Wedding Photos

The best wedding locations are in Ibiza, the result being that many magazines come to this Island to stage photo shoots. The incredible pine forests, golden sands that stretch into the calm waters and sleepy towns make this place magical. Remember that Ibiza’s light is magical, which means that you will look radiant.

Your wedding is among your most important days. This means you don’t want to restrict yourself to local spas and hotels. Ibiza is the best destination for any budget: restaurants with the best sea view, beach bars, private villas and the best nightlife. Decide to get married on a boat or the edge of a beautiful and eye-catching cliff top. Whatever your choice, you will be guaranteed of the best wedding photos by the Best Ibiza Wedding Photographers – Beziiqué.

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Ready Honeymoon

If choosing to get married in Ibiza means you don’t need to pay thousands to go to an exotic honeymoon destination you’re already there. This island has the best restaurants, beaches, hotels and nightlife at your doorstep, which means by hiring the Best Ibiza Wedding Photographers service, you will cherish this day.

Fantastic Wedding Culinary Destination

Ibiza widely known to have the best foods on offer. Talented chefs flock to this beautiful island to provide culinary services. In this place, you will find state of the art restaurants, modest beach bars and inviting kitchens. The food standards are high and focus on the local produce, meaning your wedding party will love the food. For the best outcome, make sure you include original Ibiza dishes such as Bullit de Peix, which is an incredible local fish delicacy and the Flao, a wonderful dessert.


Hiring us as your Ibiza Destination Wedding Photographers should be a smooth process using the above informative article about the benefits of getting married on this island. We are the Best Ibiza Wedding Photographers. This means if what you want are photos that tell stories and bring out the best emotions, you should contact us today. At Beziique we’ll be more than ready to share our experiences regarding destination weddings with you. The result being you choosing the best location for your wedding in Ibiza.

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