Where does the story of Beziiqué start….

We’re Nick and Aimie, your destination wedding photographers at Beziiqué.

Anyone can take a photograph but really great wedding photography comes from the heart – and that’s something we have in abundance. Admittedly, we have a good reason. When you wake up every morning surrounded by sparkling turquoise seas, white sands, and fragrant blooms it’s easy to be inspired, and we’re the first to say we live a charmed life here on our beautiful destination island. Cyprus is a real jewel of the Mediterranean, and we’re fortunate enough to share it with people and much loved pets who make it shine even brighter. Every day is filled with love and it’s a pleasure to extend our little bit of heaven to couples who appreciate good, old-fashioned romance just as much as we do.

For us, what we do is much more than just a job. It’s an honour to be a part of such an intimate and special part of people’s lives, and many of the couples we’ve worked with have become lifelong friends.

Although we’re based in Cyprus, our cameras take us all over the world. From Italy to Edinburgh. When you spend your life visiting beautiful places there’s no such thing as a bad day at the office. Every day is as exciting as the next and we have no doubt that this contributes to the exceptional service we bring to the people we work with. When people are happy in their work, it shows. As destination wedding photographers, we visit places so rich in colour, so intoxicatingly different and so close to paradise that it’s impossible not to be creative, enthusiastic and innovative. We love Ibiza wedding photography, another island that fires our souls. Our love for what we do is clear to anyone who meets us, and that coupled with our artistic flair is what helps us create photographs that are truly exceptional. 

There’s an art to taking great photographs that goes beyond just understanding aesthetics and composition. Since an early age we have both been fascinated by people; the things that inspire them, the twinkles in their eyes, the stories behind their faces. Our understanding of human beings and the uniqueness of each and every person we work with enables us to create pieces of art that capture their true spirit, and there’s nothing more pure and honest than the look of someone in love. The reason our wedding photographs are natural, simple and breathtakingly beautiful all at once is that they bring out the people behind the smiles and their own very personal love stories. When you find your soulmate, you just know. Let us turn that special feeling into works of art you can keep forever.

With love,
Nick & Aimie Wild

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