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Are you searching for the Best Ibiza Destination Wedding Photographers? Ibiza Island has one of the most beautiful coastlines and stylish hotels in the Mediterranean, which makes it a perfect wedding destination. With several tiny coves to check out, you will cherish choosing it as your wedding destination. However, for you to have memorable photos of your big day, you need to make sure you hire the best Ibiza wedding photographers. We are the best Destination Wedding Photographers in Ibiza, meaning you should consider hiring us.

Our Beziiqué service understands the challenges that come with planning a wedding event in unknown territories. For example, if you want to have magical pictures of your wedding day, we will ensure you choose the best locations. We will spend time with you, enabling you to find out your visions and plans for the destination wedding day. In this article, we’ll look at 5 Ibiza locations that you should consider hiring us as your Best Ibiza Destination Wedding Photographers to capture during your wedding day perfectly.

  1. Benirrás beach

An eye-catching and beautiful approach that meanders down the valleys and hills brings you to the Benirrás beach. Located in Ibiza’s north, the stretch consists of pebbles and sand, with rocks on the sides. This location provides you with eye-catching views that the best Ibiza Wedding Photographer should capture. The rocky seabed makes it ideal for snorkeling, while the sheltered bay is a favorite anchoring spot for motor boats and private yachts. If you want to enjoy a romantic honeymoon, you will love this place. It’s among the best Ibiza experiences you should consider checking out.

  1. Cala D’en Serra Cove

As you head to the Ibiza’s North, you will meet a stunning and elegant small cove which has some sunbathers and old fishing huts. At the beach’s back, the abandoned hotel adds to the uniqueness of this island. You will love having your wedding photos taken here, meaning you’ll have the best memories.

  1. Es Cubells

The BEST location on Ibiza Island is the Es Cubells, which is a tiny village. It’s located among lemon, olive and citrus groves; this location should make you hire the best Ibiza Destination Wedding Photographers. This village provides you with uninterrupted views of the island of Formentera and the silver sprayed sea. You can choose to explore the lovely old church or decide to walk the steep steps if you want to enjoy viewing the white sandy beach. The family-run Bar Llumbi offers you paella and fresh fish, meaning you have all you need in this location.

  1. Casita Verde Community

Ibiza Island offers you the best wedding experiences, which is why many people choose it as their wedding destination. Its clubbing scene is among the most famous in the world. One long-established community is the Casita Verde, which promotes a sustainable way of living with its idyllic surroundings. This place serves homegrown and vegetarian lunch for a budget-friendly cost. The live music, sea view and fantastic carob trees will make you enjoy your wedding stay on this island.

  1. Teatro Pereyra (Live Music Bar)

You may want to enjoy a warm and vibrant evening after your destination wedding. Among the best places to consider checking out is the Teatro Pereyra. It’s within the lobby of Ibiza’s historic former theater and ensures you enjoy the latest Latin, soul and jazz performances. This place offers you a broad variety of drinks which increase in prices as the music kicks in. The varied crowd, subtle lighting and real music will make sure you love your big day.


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